Jim Dunmyer's Experience

Jim Dunmyer wasn't just selling any home. He was selling his family-owned cottage in Dewey Beach, Delaware that was purchased way back in 1947. As you can imagine, there were decades of cherished memories in their home which made the process even more emotional.

Read the story about his experience with Christine Davis from My Beach Agent and what advice he has for you.

Why did you decide to sell?

The home had been in our family since 1947. As much as we loved it and all the memories it had given us over the years, the repairs and maintenance were becoming too costly for us to keep up with. With great consideration, we decided that selling would be the best decision for our family.


How did Christine prepare your home to sell and how do you feel she marketed your home?

Christine and Bill's use of current technology such as drones and 3D walkthroughs really stood out to us as something unique in our market that you don't see a lot. 

I also really found it valuable that Christine matched our property against existing similar properties on the market to show its value. Christine really knows the market and we were able to depend on her expertise in regards to pricing the cottage. 


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Why Christine From My Beach Agent?

A family member knew Christine and spoke very highly of her. One meeting with Christine was all it took for us to be sold on her. We were very impressed with her knowledge and her ideas about how to present the cottage for sale. 

What was the best part of your selling experience?

I think the best part was just the personal attention that we received. When you hire Christine, you get her and the team's full attention. She was always available to answer questions and help us every step of the way. Christine is the best Realtor that I have worked with on property transactions. She is thorough, smart, knowledgeable and focused on you and your property. I wish we had known about them on our past real estate actions.


Were there any stressful moments or things you were concerned about? 

Of course, there is almost always some kind of stress in a real estate transaction. Christine recognized those issues before they became a problem. She was very proactive in that sense so that we really didn't have to worry about anything. We spoke with her daily from Florida and you'd think with being so far away it would be difficult but it wasn't. We were never once surprised or caught off guard. Christine had everything under control for us.

Jim's advice for you:

Obviously, interview Christine Davis and her team before you make a decision on who will sell your property for you. You will be impressed!

"Christine is the best Realtor that I have worked with on property transactions. She is thorough, smart, knowledgeable and focused on you and your property."  


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